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Digital strategy that’s informed, engaging, and actionable

Our approach to forming a digital strategy is rooted in thoroughly understanding and addressing your organizational goals and audience expectations. We find opportunities to improve your digital experience in ways that are aspirational, yet achievable and sustainable by your organization.
  • Goals Alignment
    First, we confirm your organization’s marketing and communication goals through a deep dive into existing documentation and working sessions with your stakeholders. Then we conduct audience research to understand how their needs intersect with your organization’s goals. Finally, we translate this feedback into measurable digital goals to establish or improve your digital experience.
  • Digital Experience Vision
    With a firm understanding of your goals and audience needs, we help define the pivot from your digital experience’s current state to what it needs to become. During that process, we work with you to develop a vision that serves as the blueprint for how your experience should evolve. Then we share applicable examples and create prototypes that bring this vision to life.
  • Future State User Journeys
    We leverage data and research to visualize your audiences’ complete digital experience. With this visualization, we can articulate their expectations, emotions, goals, and pain points. Next, we complete journey mapping exercises to highlight milestone interactions and uncover the best opportunities for building a digital experience that resonates with them.
  • Measurement / Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Definition
    We distill your organization’s marketing and communication goals into measurable key performance indicators (KPIs). After that, we establish a measurement framework that we use as a foundation for analysis and reporting. Defining what success looks like to your organization and your audiences upfront is vital in determining your digital experience’s success.
  • Requirements Gathering & Prioritization
    We capture all requirements stated by internal and external users to ensure that project expectations are defined, and the priorities are agreed upon prior to designing and developing a digital experience. During this process, we create a requirement document that acts as a guide for the duration of your project. This definition helps the project team focus on solving the problems that will have the biggest impact on your website’s success.
  • Technical Platform Recommendations
    To support the strategy that we’ve defined, we document the overall technical design, responsibilities, and integrations required for your technical platform’s upgrade or change. Using those requirements, we conduct research into the technical platforms that will best suit your needs and provide you with what you need to compare them. Then based on our conversations, we recommend the ones that allow your organization to confidently build the right digital experience.
  • Feature Prioritization & Roadmap
    We work with your team to understand constraints and staff bandwidth to align implementation with what is critical. We also identify and discuss potential dependencies and risks to build mitigation strategies for known issues. Next, we help prioritize objectives and activities to make the most of your time, energy, and team. Using these considerations, we build an actionable roadmap that serves as a reference to your internal teams for future marketing initiatives.

Develop an engaging and actionable digital strategy for your organization. Start by reaching out.

We’ll help your organization align on a common vision, clarify the scope of new digital marketing initiatives, and define smart measures for success.

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